• The Other Art Talk

    The Other Art Talk features a monthly podcast in which we explore the creative melting pot that is Los Angeles with artist interviews, show reviews, and contemplative discussions on what is art.

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  • Featured Artist Interview


  • Featured Artist Interview



Who’s behind The Other Art Talk?

Ruth Courtland

RUTH COURTLAND, co-host of The Other Art talk, was born in Nogales, Arizona, a Mexican/American border town. Her uncle was an artist and her brother-in-law and sister are artists.  As such, art appreciation was an integral part of her upbringing. She spent many summers  in New York City where popping into the Metropolitan Museum, Museum of Modern Art, the Guggenheim and various art galleries were part of her everyday experience. > read more

Wendy Wallace

WENDY L.WALLACE, a California native, is an enthusiastic art watcher and occasional art maker. She has been lucky to have lived abroad and traveled widely (Europe, Russia, Central Asia, Asia and Latin America) and to have been exposed to a multitude of people and art traditions. > read more

Annie Deng

ANNIE DENG was born in Beijing, China, and spent her formative years moving back and forth between Beijing, Hong Kong, and different cities in Canada. A wanderer at heart, Annie has also drifted through Europe, Asia, and Central America, consuming vast and varied quantities of food and art along the way. > read more


SUE DREGER is a child of the Northwest, where she acquired her lifelong love of the outdoors, running wild in the woods and fields of eastern oregon.  After studying music theory and performance at the University of Oregon the larger world beckoned and she chose to live in Los Angeles for its amazing diversity.  > read more