Aaron Donovan

“Is That A Real Poncho, or is that a Sears Poncho?” —Frank Zappa

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Artist Statement

The wood of the Holly tree is the ancient Druid symbol with meanings related to hypnotism, illusion, deception, and sleep. When the sword did not convince, a stick of Holly waved around by a Druid priest with a few words of magic, became the elixir that supposedly would. This magical craft has been honed for thousands of years, and many empires employed these wand-waving carpetbaggers of old to deceive those who could not be pacified in any other way.

I have awoken in sunny, Southern California, and found I am living under a shadow of a certain Holly growing here. My paintings have become the wake of a journey, as I search for a truth that is hard to find given so many distractions. I choose to bring to the viewer of this site a couple different paths of my painting styles; a group of paintings labeled Bread and circus which comes from an expression of pure memory, and another expressive group of paintings of the beautiful natural land, or cityscape called simply, plein air. I choose to pick the topic of ancient myth and history, to help convey my works duality about my love and fears.

Hollywood is the conductors wand, waved in front of us to cast the illusion of make believe. We can be transported back in time to see history re-written, or quite possibly a future that can be forged first from the seeds Tinseltown sows. We are silenced by the bedtime stories telling us who we are, dinned into us by grandma celluloid. Hollywood is the magic stick that the witch would not exist without as he leads us to believe he is not ancient, not Druid, and most certainly not a witch. It is Tinkerbells’ little wooden twig that allows the Lost Boys to remain parentless, and forever young.

I have awoken, in a land of escapism, and jails. An opiate industry budding with the help of our given heroes, to the tune of music, religion, sports, films, T.V. pornography, drugs, video games, advertising, and the internet. It is our inheritance handed down form customer to future customer. Growing up in this super sized artificial blister bubble, with its’ highways, freeways, Safeways, red carpets, theme parks, and Rite-Aids. All of it sprawled out in an endless trail to spiritual nowhere. Hollywood has only inspired curiosity and contempt and with this, I have created my series Bread and Circus- A land of a smoke and mirrors, and carnival rides spinning with smiling teeth, cotton candy, and flashy Janus like faces, waving us to join in on the feeding frenzy where we find that the pound of flesh to be paid is our own. I have awoken in a land of Hollywood — A place where reality is questioned, but rarely.

To learn more, visit Aaron Donovan’s website at: www.aarondonovan.com.