Annie DengANNIE DENG was born in Beijing, China, and spent her formative years moving back and forth between Beijing, Hong Kong, and different cities in Canada. A wanderer at heart, Annie has also drifted through Europe, Asia, and Central America, consuming vast and varied quantities of food and art along the way.

Annie’s parents instilled in her a great appreciation for art and art history.  Through her mother’s work as the producer of a television show about Chinese artifacts, Annie spent summers with her family in China perusing museums and galleries, learning about and occasionally attempting to collect such things. She recently took a night class at UCLA Extension to help her learn more about contemporary art, to try and “get with the times.”

After getting to know Ruth while working together, Annie discovered The Other Art Talk, fell in love with the concept, and pretty much begged to join the team.  She is having an excessive amount of fun exploring the contemporary art scene in Los Angeles (and beyond) through her involvement with The Other Art Talk, and hopes to continue doing so for…forever?!