Craft and Folk Art Museum

Suzanne Isken, Director

artist interviews

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The Craft and Folk Art Museum challenges established ideas about craft, design and folk art and engages people though its diverse exhibitions and programs.

“Prepare to come to the Craft and Folk Art Museum to be engaged and inspired. In a world that continually clashes over ethnicity and difference, the museum’s mission of cultural understanding through art becomes all the more relevant and inspiring.” — Suzanne Isken

Isken comes to the CAFAM with over 20 years of experience in the world of contemporary art. She brings with her a history of projects that meaningfully bring communities together. “Partnership and collaboration have largely informed my career,” said Isken.

“I’m excited by the breaking of boundaries between different art forms with an emphasis on connecting audiences with artists who use craft, street art, design, architecture and other disciplines to create a message that has to do with being human, taking time, and creating sustainability for our planet. These are all the things embodied in the spirit of craft and folk art.” — Suzanne Isken

Additionally, Isken has advocated for and helped develop critical arts education programming in the public schools and will continue using the museum as a vital learning platform for all ages.

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