Geneen Estrada, Estrada Fine Art

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Estrada Fine Art is a Los Angeles-based business dealing in private arts sales. Estrada Fine Art represents accomplished mid-career artists whose work includes:



Works on paper


The founder and business owner, Geneen Estrada, studied painting and art history in Northern California before moving to New York in 1979. She continued to paint and exhibit during her tenure in the corporate world of entertainment. As the millennium approached, Geneen moved back to California to pursue her dream of bringing art into people’s lives. Inspired by her love of the arts, and the work of Betty Parsons, the artist, dealer and collector who championed the work of many artists, Geneen opened Estrada Fine Art in 2005. In so doing she realized her dream of establishing a conduit for the vast bodies of artwork by many excellent mid-career artists, gaining exposure for them with discerning art collectors.


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