Jackie Nach

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Jackie Nach in the studio

Jackie Nach in the studio with Ruth Courtland and Wendy Wallace

South African born painter/printmaker Jackie Nach studied art at The Johannesburg School of Art, South Africa, Boston University, The Decordova Museum School, UCLA, and The Brentwood Art Center.

Jackie received A WOMAN OF SOUTH AFRICA achievement award in 1996 in recognition for her work’s powerful socio-political commentary.  She has been a guest speaker on several television programs.

In 2001 Jackie Nach was amongst international artists invited to Florence, Italy, by Dan Weldon and Ron Pokrasso to explore the new medium of non-toxic solar plate lithography.

Her work incorporates oils and acrylics, hand-embellished lithography, needlework, and soil from various countries including the red soil and gold mine sand from Johannesburg, South Africa, volcanic soil from Panama, and sand from the Egyption desert.  She works on canvas, plastic trash bags, and traditional print papers, as well as hand-made papers of zebra, giraffe, and elephant dung.

Her work has been included in many international collections as well as corporate collections including Bank of America, The Pillsbury Company, UCLA, and British Petroleum.

“Using the weight of culture on the superficial for information, I hope to magnify the bittersweet nuances of human nature, paying loving tribute to the many issues and subjects.  Tools from my experience illustrate the truth, as I know it.

To eliminate fear of the foreign, unfamiliar or unknown, my work explores the many mediums that best reflect mans’ natural instincts.

In search of the ultimate markings that best describe the human spirit, our responsibility to one another and the well-being of this planet in the universe, I make art.”

Visit Jackie Nach’s website at: www.jackienachart.com.