Jeffrey Hirsch

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As a young doctoral student at UCLA, in the heady hippie days of the late 60’s, Jeffrey A. Hirsch found himself fully caught up in the era of flower power and student antiwar protests. These events and his extracurricular activities of the era competed for attention with (and sometimes superseded) his studies, though he went on to complete a doctorate in Psychology in 1971.

Upon completion of his doctoral thesis, however, he went through a crisis of doubt and pain, finding it difficult to gain employment in his chosen field of study. For a time, he found himself driving a taxi and despaired of the practical value of his academic years, wondering what the use of his education had been. He turned to the study of art during this period, and simultaneously learned the skill of welding, at which he made his living for a couple of years.

These things together led him to an interest in sculpture, and he began to create the small polished forms you see here, as well as some of the larger sculptures that are hand-built and welded.

Today, he continues to draw, paint, and make sculptures. He believes in the redemptive power of art, and makes his living also as a Clinical Psychologist specializing in art therapy for board-and-care patients in Los Angeles. Mr. Hirsch also regularly contributes satirical political cartoons to progressive magazines and periodicals.

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