Michael C. McMillen

artist interviews

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Michael was born in Los Angeles and currently lives and works in Santa Monica. He received his bachelor’s degree at San Fernando Valley State College and his MA and MFA at UCLA. Michael’s extensive resume includes numerous group and solo shows in California and other parts of the United States, as well as a group show entitled All That Falls that recently ended at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris. His work is not limited to one medium; Michael works with media as diverse as painting, drawing, sculpture, filmmaking, installation, printmaking, and photography to create haunting spaces and whimsical worlds. For example, below is a video of a digital motion picture entitled “Hideout” by the artist.  This video, as well as Michael’s other work, can be seen at www.lalouver.com.

Artist Statement

Since 1973, I have been working in the medium of installation art as a means of directly involving the viewer in the art experience. My work has often used architectural references and scale alterations to transport the viewer into realms of metaphor and open narrative, where they become active participants. I currently have such installation on loan at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, called The Central Meridian but is also known as “The Garage” and functions to transport the visitor ‘out’ of the museum and into another time and location. In addition to installations, I also make constructions and movies to investigate the intertwined themes of time, change and illusion. I have always been attracted to the cast-offs of our material society and continue to incorporate such materials in the ongoing search to find a visual/spiritual poetry.

Below are photos of Michael in his studio as well as samples of the artist’s work (click on images to enlarge).