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Ray Turner in the studio. © Erwin Darmali.

Ray Turner in the studio. © Erwin Darmali.

Paint is the instrument that I have chosen to play, to find myself and leave my mark with. I am drawn to paint, because of it’s physicality. The range of the material is what attracts me to it, from thin washes, flat, to thick raised surfaces, and the color, what I call the propensities of the medium. It is a violent adjective I use for paint, because it is always a travail, pregnant with promise, never delivered without pain. I’m interested mostly in the paint itself, the subjects vary, but the interest in the paint continues to intoxicate me. Intoxicate, as in addiction. I feel a definite need to paint and physically move it around. I think of the paintings that I do as abstract. I’m not concerned as much with what I’m painting, as far the subject, but the paint itself; that is what provokes me. The application and construction of the paint is what drives my work. I have been painting for nearly 30 years, with the same desire, only now, it is stronger and more clear. I am making work, looking for the essence of my subject that transcends an image; to know myself, and leave my mark with paint.

Pasadena based painter, Ray Turner, was born in Stockton, California and grew up in Tacoma, Washington.  Mr. Turner came to Southern California after his first four years of college, attending Sacramento State and finishing at Eastern Oregon State in 1980.

In 1982 Turner attended Pasadena’s Art Center College of Design, where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts (“BFA”).  Following his graduation from Art Center, he became a professor of painting and drawing there for the next twelve years.  Simultaneously, he focused on his own work and career as a painter.  He is represented by Toomey-Tourell Fine Art in San Francisco (http://www.toomey-tourell.com).

His current work called “Population” is a travelling museum exhibit in the United States.   It began at the Pasadena Museum of California Art and has been featured as a solo show at the  Long Beach Museum of Art, Museum of Glass, Akron Art Museum, Whatcom Museum, Wichita Art Museum, Huntington Museum of Art, to name a few.  His work is included in the permanent collections of several museums across the country.

Visit Ray Turner’s website at: www.rayturner.us