Ruth CourtlandRUTH COURTLAND, co-host of The Other Art talk, was born in Nogales, Arizona, a Mexican/American border town. Her uncle was an artist and her brother-in-law and sister are artists.  As such, art appreciation was an integral part of her upbringing. She spent many summers  in New York City where popping into the Metropolitan Museum, Museum of Modern Art, the Guggenheim and various art galleries were part of her everyday experience.

In 1964-1965, Ruth spent a year at the Villa Mercede in Florence, Italy studying history of Renaissance Art and with the school traveled throughout Italy studying the art and architecture of the 14th and 15th Centuries first hand. After earning her degree from the University of Arizona, Ruth moved to San Francisco and went to work for a graphic designer – further exposing herself to another aspect of the arts at a very exciting time and place for art directors and artists – the ‘60’s.

She’s traveled extensively throughout Mexico and lived in Mexico City and Cuernavaca for several summers. There she developed an affinity (a passion) for the art and artisans of Mexico. Her love of Mexican ceramics and a relationship with a successful tile manufacturer/ceramicist led to the founding of her company, Ceramica Sur, which imported ceramics from Central Mexico.

Ruth and Wendy met while working together. They’re both interested and appreciate art and thought it would be fun to “explore the creative melting pot” that is Los Angeles. And it has been . . . a great adventure.