Sue Ann Robinson

“Since 1981 I have been creating mixed-media, one-of-a-kind, and limited-edition artists’ books. I am drawn to book works for their intimate, participatory nature as well as their potential for sequence and layering of meaning. The book form effectively requires the viewer’s participation and the extension of their time, thereby, to explore its contents. For me the book is a place where I can explore the integration of image, text, and structure to convey meaning and to create spaces and time for viewers to contemplate, reflect, and meditate.”

The Baggie Book is a great favorite. The pages are actually resealable baggies and I will be teaching this book structure this summer at the Handweavers Guild of America conference in Long Beach, “Convergence” in mid-July 2012. This baggie book is titled “Park Art” and is the result of a grant that I had to work in the Long Beach Parks. Each page contains the detritus and history of each of LB’s parks!

The “Curried Book,” is just that: it is an accordion book that is painted and scented with curry powder….scents are so evocative of memories, don’t you think?

2 nests is the result of working with my mother:  “Books, Naturally,” and Dante5.jpg is “Divine Comedy” unique printed double accordion book in found box cover; and Laudspage is “Lauds”, an hour from the contemporary book of hours about cowboys, “Chisholm Hours.”

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