Wendy Wallace

WENDY L. WALLACE, a California native, is an enthusiastic art watcher and occasional art maker.  She has been lucky to have lived abroad and traveled widely  (Europe, Russia, Central Asia, Asia and Latin America) and to have been exposed to a multitude of people and art traditions.  She has loved art from a very early age but never did much about it until she met her best friend and collaborator Ruthie Courtland!  Their radio show concept was dreamed up at a yoga class and over glasses of house red at El Conquistador, a favorite local hang-out.  They both saw internet radio/podcasts as a great way to publicize and document really fascinating and possibly over-looked artists and art developments in the Los Angeles-area for the community.  On a more selfish note, they just love doing it because it gives them an excuse to meet wonderful LA artists and members of the art community!

Wendy is currently working as an attorney in Los Angeles. Prior incarnations include working for U.S. Agency for International Development/Johns Hopkins School of Public Health overseeing health care programs in Russia, Ukraine, Central Asia and Eastern Europe and for the Long Beach AIDS Network. She has a bachelor’s of arts in Slavic Languages and Literature, a double Masters of Art in Policy Studies and Russian and a law degree from Case Western Reserve School of Law.

Ruthie and Wendy dream of “winning the big one”, taking their show to TV and consuming of art tourism on a regular basis!